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Excellent Corona Pest & Termite delivers superior pest control services in the Corona area. In addition to our single-treatment pest solutions, we provide regular pest control with no obligations. Whether you’re struggling with mice, fleas, or cockroaches, our Corona exterminators are here you help.

We often find that pests stay hidden during the winter months. You should be ready to start noticing pests again come Spring. The most common pests reported in Corona are bed bugs, spiders, and rats. We’ve noticed that infestations of these pests are trending upwards in Corona.

If you want to keep your home pest-free then we advise considering a consistent pest control maintenance performed in your home. Pest prevention is easier and more cost-effective than waiting for an infestation before seeking professional pest help.  Just call our Corona pest control professionals at (951) 228-5226 and we’ll come to your rescue!

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